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The purpose of the Hearing Industry Research Consortium is to develop and direct a non-competitive, mutually agreed upon research agenda that benefits the hearing aid industry, its customers, and end-users.

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Get started here to get your proposal sent in. Follow the three steps below and your proposal will be processed as soon as possible.

  1. Read the Request for Proposal Document

    First, it is important that you download and read the RFP document prior to filling out your application form.

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  2. Complete the Grant Application Form

    After reading the RFP document, please download and fill out the Grant Application Form.

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  3. Submit Your Completed Grant Application Form

    Once you've read the RFP doc and completed the Grant Application form, upload your form via the RFP Submission Form

Request for Proposals

There is not a Request for Proposal open right now.

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Previous Awards

Have a look at some of the previous awards granted.

The IRC Grant program started in 2010 and is quickly gainingmomentum. Get on board by making your proposal this year.


Outcome Measurement and Treatment Prescription
  • Peter Nordquist

  • Harvey Dillon

Announcing the 2015 Grant Recipients